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samsung 8 series led tv

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im looking at upgrading my 46 in samsung lcd to a 55' samsung 8 series led. anyone have one or know someone?? all the reviews i read say they are really good and are the best going round. im looking for someone who personally has one or who has seen one in action (seeing one in action doesnt include seeing it at the shop) im talking about gaming/movies and all round picture quality also the online features also in comparison to rival models of the equivelant.


also they were released in may, so i guess the new release from samsung will come prob bout the same time in 2010. if im wrong someone please inform me as this tv is costing bout 5k so if there is gonna be a new release which is gonna be 23409127891326568732645623896564326593428686 times better then i would be better to wait.



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