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  1. who's going....

    anyone from vic into boarding/skiing?? who is going to the opening at buller this weekend??
  2. Just wondering how many ppl on here blend there food in a food processor with water and drink it rather than eat it? at the moment im blending my breakfast (cooked eggs/chicken/spin/tom) and starting to blend up my lunch and dinner (chicken/broc/beans/carr/peas) main reason is just a time factor, its taking me longer and longer to eat my meals. this way they are gone in a minute. so how many other ppl do this? is it something i should be doing i dont see how it would change anything other then the speed its digested even that but im not sure can someone clarify?
  3. Anyone blend their foods?

    am i a professional weight lifter or athlete? NO! so go suck a dick hero
  4. Anyone blend their foods?

    ah thanks for that mate. i decided not to do my ohter meals just my breakfast now
  5. Protein powder options

    Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey
  6. yeh i not long bought my d700 from digitalcamerawarehouse.com.au good prices but camerapro.net.au smashes anyone ive found on a lot of things. both are not grey importers
  7. ON Rocky road

    hey i nearly outa my ON gold powder so i need to get more. been getting the vanilla ice cream flavour but thinking bout getting the rocky road but im a lil sus on the flavour. im only asking ppl that have tried it themselves whats the taste like?
  8. Where do you buy your supplements from ?

    your not looking hard enough. usually pay $140-$150 delivered for 4.7kg on gold
  9. sternum pain

    i get this pain also and im 23. it is not unbearable though even though it sort of takes your breath it only lasts for a second or two and only after you let go of the bars on ur last rep
  10. AVATAR

    i never thought titanic would be pipped from the number one spot especially with all the torrents that come out now often before the cinema release. think the fact it was 3d had a bit to do with it but anyway no 1 My linkhttp://www.imdb.com/boxoffice/alltimegross?region=world-wide My linkhttp://www.yourmovies.com.au/news/?i=178978&action=news
  11. Cheap supplements

    http://www.thesupplementden.com.au get my stuff from here or ebay most of the time. they are pretty cheap and fast delivery
  12. samsung 8 series led tv

    im looking at upgrading my 46 in samsung lcd to a 55' samsung 8 series led. anyone have one or know someone?? all the reviews i read say they are really good and are the best going round. im looking for someone who personally has one or who has seen one in action (seeing one in action doesnt include seeing it at the shop) im talking about gaming/movies and all round picture quality also the online features also in comparison to rival models of the equivelant. also they were released in may, so i guess the new release from samsung will come prob bout the same time in 2010. if im wrong someone please inform me as this tv is costing bout 5k so if there is gonna be a new release which is gonna be 23409127891326568732645623896564326593428686 times better then i would be better to wait. type...............

    got my tickets on tuesday in the pre sale, they go on sale on the 26/10 for the general public. got the VIP tickets they got the maddest seats front row with the perfect view. also if u get the vip tickets there is a 2 hour pre show function where u can ask the nitro circus crew questions etc also is a seperate bar and few other bits and pieces like signed poster and a lanyard n sh*t so if ya got the spare cash definately go the vip. not sure if u got it right with 2 shows per city it is only listed as one My Ticketek Pre-sale Starts Tuesday 20 October, noon Ends Friday 23 October, noon* General Public On Sale Starts Monday 26 October, 9am Friday 7 May - Brisbane Entertainment Centre Friday 14 May - Acer Arena, Sydney Saturday 22 May - Burswood Dome, Perth Friday 28 May - Adelaide Entertainment Centre Friday 4 June - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne VIP - $149.90 PLATINUM $99.90 GOLD $79.90 FAMILY $239.90 CHILD $69.90
  14. Need to buy some gym gear

    i just bought a powertec rack from sams fitness. $790 + $57 postage to melbs. http://www.samsfitness.com.au/powertec-pow...beba669fc237e5b
  15. The Program Thread

    thanks for your help you've been unbelievable!!
  16. The Program Thread

    what do you suggest for me then??
  17. The Program Thread

    this is what i am currently doing. MONDAY bent over bb rows 4x8 pullups 3x8 pullovers 3x8 deadlifts 4x10 straight bar curls 4x8 incline db curls 3x8 concentration curls 3x8 TUESDAY close stance squats 5x8 wide stance squats 4x8 leg extensions 3x18 hamstring curl 4x8 standing calf raises 6x12 THURSDAY bb military press 5x8 db side lats 4x8 upright rows 4x8 bent over lats 3x8 db shrugs 4x8 FRIDAY bb bench press 4x8 incline db flys 4x8 skull crushers 4x8 tricep pushdowns 3x8 db kickbacks 3x8 this is the second week of me doing this i was previously doing one of markos bulking programs im 176cm and weigh 70.5kg eat six meals a day all bread is helgas multigrain breakfast - baked beans or 4 eggwhites on toast morn tea - tuna sandwich or chicken wrap lunch - pasta or rice dish aft tea - tuna or chicken wrap before training - pasta or rice dish dinner - chicken or steak with mash pot or baked pot and broc/peas/beans i am not losing/gaining any weight but losing bf, so if anyone got some suggestions throw them my way

    here for u that havnt seen it, promo for season 3 it looks f**king awesome i can not wait till next month!!!! http://youtube.com/watch?v=-ZgFAlTtF3k
  19. blu-ray movies

    been looking at some blu-ray movies on ebay and some new releases are region free, where as some are region a and not yet released to region b. does anyone know of a site that sells just region free blurays?? im aware of some aussie sites such as ezydvd but am after NEW release movies in america no country for old men and certain others on amazon are all region a but are avail on ebay as region a/b/c any help will be appreciated
  20. blu-ray movies

    ps3 games are region free blurays are not
  21. Sam Newman

    some ppl love him some ppl hate him, personally i reckon his a funny *enchilada* but anyway he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=387962
  22. Sam Newman

    when did ya hear that coz it says they are doin tests to see if it has spread to other parts of his body?? footy show will never be the same without him hopefully he doesnt miss too many episodes and yeh he has had a lot of surgery, how funny was it when he gave himself botox on the footy show
  23. dubai has gone crazzzzzyyyy

    smoking is a way of life over there some ppl its all they do, so thats not entirely true and if you want work over there be prepared to have to know your shit because employment over there isnt like taking a lolly from a kid. they have all the indians and pakistanis that are right next door so they get paid the same as any 3rd world country. but if you make it over there then u make it. my uncles lives over there working for emirates earning a shit load, his mate is the leading lawyer for www.dubaimaritimecity.com also on a f**k load. if you get a chance to go, then it is such an amazing place. such an eye opener.
  24. time crisis 4

    anyone got it?? im looking at getting it but im not sure what it will be like, im let down that its usb was hoping for cordless but anyway whats it like....
  25. Plasma vs LCD for Gaming (xbox 360 & blueray)

    lcd all the way man, i got a 46in samsung m8 and a ps3 i couldnt be happier!! ya gotta have the colors of the lcd its amazing. bluray is unbelievable i just am let down by the 1080p of the plasma